DC Dual Force All 5 Factions Review

DC Dual Force has 5 different unique Factions, each with its own game play style.

DC Dual Force is an exciting digital card game launching its Beta servers from June 16th to 18th. Get ready to dive into the DC universe and play with your favorite characters, who are now playable cards with their own unique abilities.

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The game features 5 Factions, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and gameplay styles.


The Energy faction offers both value-oriented and aggressive gameplay options. Players can take advantage of powerful Magic Spells to deal damage or generate resources. The faction introduces popular keywords like AURA, FLURRY, and SPEED. FLURRY and SPEED are perfect keywords for aggressive strategies. However, these keywords come at the cost of slightly lower stats for the Recruits.

The ability to attack twice and attack on the same turn can be extremely powerful with high-stat units. This means you could pair Energy with a faction like Might that provides additional stats to Recruits.

The Flash is an excellent Leader for aggressive play, while Zatanna and Shazam! offer the control route, as they provide tools to deal damage and keep the board under control.


The Might faction focuses on the mid-range game play. Its units have a solid stat line and come with protection keywords like Aura, Shield, and Guard. Recruits in the Might faction are reliable companions, as they offer protection for other Recruits and additional stats.

Similarly, the Actions cards in Might offer protection tools that grant additional stats and defense keywords to keep Recruits alive. Additionally, the Might faction has access to Actions that grant Attack to Recruits, enabling more powerful attacks that could synergize with keywords like AMBUSH and FLURRY.

Both Wonder Woman and Aquaman offer those important stats to Recruits, making sure it's difficult to KO them. As for Superman, he's more of a removal Leader, which sets up a a powerful strike to KO Recruits on the spot.


The Tactics faction excels in value generation through the DEPLOY keyword. Players can create resources to gain an advantage over their opponents and find the answers needed to secure victory. This faction utilizes keywords like AMBUSH, EVADE, and HUNTER. AMBUSH and EVADE ensure the safety of Recruits, while HUNTER counters opponents' protection attempts.

The Tactics faction has many high health Recruits, acting as solid protection for the Leader and buying time for the value-focused gameplay

The Action cards in Tactics mainly focus on defense, offering healing, reducing opponent's Attack, and returning Recruits to hand. Batgirl, Batman, Green Arrow, and Cyborg are all suited for value-oriented gameplay, with Cyborg benefiting from archetypes with ample card draw for a powerful late-game strategy.


The Tyranny faction is crucial for sacrifice archetypes to exist in the game. The PARTING SHOT keyword is most popular in Tyranny, offering effects like stat buff or card draw.

HIDDEN and LETHAL are other popular keywords in this faction. HIDDEN keeps the Recruit safe until the player's next turn, making it challenging for opponents to eliminate them. LETHAL allows players to instantly KO any Recruit they damage, giving them a strong advantage in controlling the board.

Tyranny offers a wide range of Action cards, including protection tools, sacrifice mechanics, and removal tools. It's a versatile faction capable of various playstyles. Leaders like Lex Luthor enable card draw and work well with sacrifice archetypes; Poison Ivy sets up slow, value-based gameplay with the Savage Vines; and Black Adam excels at charge acceleration and delivering powerful KO strikes.


The Anarchy faction brings the Discard archetype to life. The faction has many different Recruits with ADRENALINE keyword and there's four Recruits with the ability to discard cards. Another prominent keyword in Anarchy is FIREPOWER, which synergizes well with factions like Energy and Tactics.

Anarchy offers a variety of Action cards that cater to different playstyles, including dealing damage, discarding cards, utilizing FIREPOWER, and summoning Recruits. The Joker excels at dealing ping damage and masterminding his plans from the backlines; Harley Quinn introduces a unique discard archetype with her ADRENALINE keyword; and Doomsday sets up powerful finishing blows.

Closing Words

Each faction in DC Dual Force brings a unique playstyle to the game. The Leaders you choose and the factions you combine allow for diverse strategies and exciting gameplay experiences. I'm excited to watch what streamers will be cooking this weekend.