DC Dual Force – 4 Decks from Streamer Beta Weekend

Popular streamers have shared their best decks from the Streamer Beta Weekend. Find out what they are here!

Hello everyone, Sorry here! The Streamer Beta Weekend has been absolutely fantastic. We've had the opportunity to watch many popular streamers try out the game and it's been a blast. We've seen a wide range of diverse decks, each with its own unique playstyle, giving us a glimpse into some of the best cards in the game.

Of course, it's important to keep in mind that the game is still in its early stages, so we're far from establishing a stable meta. The streamers were mostly playing to enjoy the game and get a better understanding of the gameplay mechanics. With the limited time they had, they were trying to find the most powerful combinations of leaders.

I kept a close eye on a couple of streamers and I'll share with you some of the decks they played over the past weekend. If you got any decks to share yourself, submit them using our new deck builder. Let's dive in!

MegaMogwai Green Arrow Hal Jordan

MegaMogwai is known for his incredible skill in theory crafting and creating decks that are both entertaining and mind-boggling. On the final day of the streamer beta weekend, Mogwai showcased a deck featuring Green Arrow and Hal Jordan. The main focus of this deck is to outvalue the opponent and ramp up resources.

Key cards like Hal Jordan, Stargirl, Cosmic Staff, and Green Lantern Power Battery provide additional resources, setting up powerful turns in the future. Green Arrow plays a crucial role in this deck, as his Trick Arrows help maintain control over the board.

Naomi and Firestorm thrive in this deck due to the high number of cards you can play. For instance, Naomi can gain more stats while sitting in the back, eventually becoming a formidable threat capable of dealing significant damage. Furthermore, cards with the FIREPOWER keyword amplify the damage dealt by your cards and abilities, creating a threat that cannot be ignored.

Dekkster's Aquaman Batman

Dekkster found success with his Aquaman Batman deck, which focuses primarily on dominating the board presence. The deck heavily utilizes Recruits to maintain pressure on the board, and with Aquaman's ability, your leaders will remain safe behind defensive Recruits.

While Aquaman ensures that you don't lose control of the board, Batman creates Gadgets that can adapt to specific scenarios. Upgraded Tear Gas and Bandages enhance the power of your units, enabling them to win favorable trades and stay on the board for longer periods.

The Grapnel Gun serves as a valuable tool, allowing you to save damaged Recruits and replay them. This resets their stats and maximizes their effectiveness on the battlefield.

OrdinaryHarry's Shazam Batman

OrdinaryHarry's deck is designed for the late game, where the goal is to play defensively in the early turns with the assistance of Batman until you can shuffle enough Lightning Bolts into your deck.

Shazam! plays a pivotal role by providing Lightning Bolts while simultaneously dealing significant damage to your opponents. The deck includes a lot of card draw to help you find those Lightning Bolts later in the game. This allows you to play multiple Lightning Bolts per turn, enabling you to eliminate enemy Recruits or even deal heavy damage to the opponent's Leaders.

Naomi benefits greatly from playing multiple cards per turn, gradually increasing her stats and making her an intimidating threat to take down. Similarly, Firestorm thrives on the number of cards you play, letting you set up a powerful attack of 2 damage for every card you've played that can target the whole lane he's in.

MegaMogwai's Harley Lex Luthor

This is an Arkham Inmate deck that can adopt an aggressive game plan using Arkham Inmate synergy. Clayface can grow stats as you play more Arkham units. If left unchecked, Clayface has the potential to deliver a devastating blow to the opponent's Leader, inflicting significant damage and posing a KO threat.

Adding to the Arkham Inmate synergy, Ventriloquist wants to stay in the backlines, progressively damaging the opponent's cards as you continue to deploy more Arkham Inmates. Partners in Crime works well with Ventriloquist as it triggers the effect twice.

With Lex Luthor's ability, you gain the ability to selectively eliminate enemy Recruits, creating opportunities for your own forces to strike at opposing Recruits or even directly target enemy Leaders.

The Joker adds an element of unpredictability, dealing a random 4 damage each time an Arkham Inmate is KO'd. You can intentionally trigger this effect by sacrificing your own Arkham Inmates, either through direct attacks or by utilizing abilities like Lex Luthor or Ritual Sacrifice.

Finally, Harley Quinn proves to be a valuable asset, capable of eliminating troublesome Recruits with her attack power. Additionally, she offers a source of card advantage with the ADRENALINE card draw, ensuring you don't run out of future plays.

Closing Words

I'm excited to try out the game myself. I think the resource system and the cards are amazing and intriguing to explore more. The Beta launch is just around the corner, scheduled for the upcoming weekend. If you haven't secured a Beta Key yet, I highly recommend joining our Discord, where you'll have a chance to obtain one.