DC Dual Force Patch Notes – Closed Beta – June 16, 2023

Some cards have been rebalanced and various issues have been fixed ahead of the Beta Weekend.

DC Dual Force will be undergoing its first public Beta, accessible to anyone with a key. The first patch ahead of the Beta Weekend includes a lot of general fixes and improvements, as well as some rebalances to a few cards! We've also got a tonne more keys to giveaway, so make sure to see the below article for more details!

For more information about the Beta Weekend, make sure to check out the full details in the FAQ below.


  • The 5-pack streamer codes given to players have been disabled for this weekend since we’ll be wiping accounts after this weekend
  • Gem purchases have been disabled on live since we’ll be wiping accounts after this weekend
  • Players will now have their last game format played, and last deck used, pre-selected when returning to the game creation lobby
  • Fixed an issue where you could not see newly created decks in the game creation UI without relogging
  • Fixed the SFX on some Leaders
  • The “Allow Data Collection” checkbox will no longer re-check itself after a relog
  • Importing a deck will no longer give access to card backs the player does not already own
  • Fixed an issue where Usernames could duplicate in the social UI
  • Fixed an issue where redrawing cards during a Mulligan would disable emotes during gameplay
  • Fixed various text issues
  • Music will now correctly play when returning from a match
  • Fixed various login UI issues
  • Fixed some UI flow issues in the Collection
  • Opening the Options UI while finding a match will no longer lock you into permanently finding a match
  • Players can no longer incorrectly access PvP games before finishing the First Time User Experience
  • Fixed various Profile Image issues
  • Logging out while having the Profile UI open will no longer carry that Profile UI over to the Log In UI
  • Fixed some Emote VO issues
  • Audio for Grapnel Gun is now correct
  • Players are now able to correctly send messages to other players
  • Players are now able to correctly select friends on the friends list
  • Audio should now correctly be looping in all screens
  • Adding emotes to a deck will no longer cause the Leader and Cards tabs to be un-scrollable
  • All Leaders now have sub-names
  • Card Back artwork should be crisper
  • Hitting “Esc” after playing a card will no longer make the card disappear
  • The game can now only be run in English until we have other languages ready


  • Superman, Symbol of Hope is now 6/6
  • Commissioner Gordon is now 3/3
  • Queen Hippolyta is now 4/5
  • Brick now gets +3 power when triggered
  • Titanium Electric Arrow now deals 6 damage
  • Fixed an issue when placing a Recruit when the timer reached 0 that could make the Recruit invisible in the player’s hand
  • Recruits can now correctly be played to spaces where a Leader was KO’d
  • Having the Emote UI open in game will no longer cause issues with playing or selecting cards on the game screen
  • Leader Charge numbers and VFX now correctly reflect the number of charges needed after being affected by Bane’s ability
  • Zooming on a card in the Seek/Selection UI no longer prevents that card from being selected
  • Kong Kenan’s Deploy ability no longer activates if there are no friendly Recruits with SHIELD
  • Queuing attacks will no longer occasionally end a player’s turn
  • The Parademon Tower in Mission 5 of Justice League: Origin – Part 1 now shows up correctly


  • Bundles should now detail how many boosters they contain
  • Purchasing the Harley Quinn Leader Bundle now correctly gives the emote
  • It is no longer possible to generate teeny-tiny card backs all over the store
  • Hitting Cancel after purchasing a pack in the Open Packs UI will no longer cause the player to be stuck in the store

Known Issues:

  • Players may need to relog if they don’t immediately get their purchased item
  • Reconnect has been disabled for this weekend’s test. If you disconnect, just start a new game
  • Multiple accounts on the same computer can sometimes share data across those accounts
  • Players are unable to login on the first attempt after resetting to a new password
  • Hitting the end turn button before a Recruit’s ability targeting arrow appears can cause the game to freeze
  • Attempting to challenge another player, in some edge circumstances, will not bring you to the challenge tab
  • Deck stat bars do not scale in height to the numbers they represent
  • Players cannot export a deck from the Cosmetics tab while deck building
  • Using the Main Menu button from Options during the Tutorial can sometimes require you to restart to continue the game
  • Some Friends list changes will not visually update until the player relogs
  • Some items in the store are missing their names
  • Rapid changes to a deck can sometimes not save those changes
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