DC Dual Force Patch Notes - Open Beta - July 14, 2023

DC Dual Force Patch Notes – Open Beta – July 14, 2023

Cards have been rebalanced and various issues have been fixed ahead of the Open Beta.

DC Dual Force has entered the Open Beta phase, accessible to the public without a key! The first patch ahead of the Open Beta Weekend includes a general fixes and improvements, as well as rebalances to several cards (as foretold by the lead designer)! The card collection economy has also changed, which you can also find details on below:

For more information about the Open Beta, make sure to check out the full details in the FAQ below:


  • Necromancy can now target cards that were recently KO’d
  • Necromancy now correctly plays the card to the gameboard instead of putting it in your hand
  • Fixed an issue where several repeating damage cards could hit KO’d enemies
  • Mr. Terrific’s ability should now work correctly
  • Ritual Sacrifice can no longer incorrectly be played without a friendly Recruit
  • Fixed some issues when cards with SPEED are returned to hand
  • Hephaestus now properly resets his Divine Weapon count when returned to hand
  • Characters summoned via Parting Shot now correctly protect the characters behind them
  • Cards that exhaust a recruit now correctly trigger “affected by” recruit effects
  • The Strawberry Ice Cream choice in Justice League: Origins – Part 1 now works correctly


  • Hal Jordan Leader: “Hal Jordan gets +4 Power this turn.” (Was +3 Power.) He’s been going to the gym a bit.
  • Shazam Leader: “SHAZAM! gets +6 Power this turn. Create six Lightning Bolts in your deck.” (Was +5 Power and five Lightning Bolts.)
  • Batarang: “Deal 1 damage to an enemy Recruit.” (Was 2 damage.)
  • Upgraded Batarang: “Deal 3 damage to an enemy Recruit.” (Was 4 damage.)
  • Batmobile: Now says, “Give a friendly Leader HUNTER, EVADE, and +3 ATK. If they’re a Tactics Leader give them +1[ATK] this turn for each Gadget you played this game.” (was “+2 Power for each Gadget you’ve played this game.”) Same car, but now it’s Robin driving it.
  • Madame Xanadu: - Is a 3/4 and says “END: Create a Magical Spell in your hand.” (was 4/5 and “START: Create a Magical Spell in your hand.”)
  • Supersonic Sucker Punch: “Give a friendly Recruit +4 Power and INVINCIBLE this turn.” (Was +3 Power.) Now 33% more unexpected!
  • Double Time: “Give a friendly Recruit FLURRY.” (It is now a permanent effect. Was previously “this turn.”)
  • Utility Belt: “Seek any Gadget. Draw a card.” (Added “Draw a card.”)
  • Punch and Jewelee: Cost Bronze. (They were previously Free.) (This does not impact how Partners in Crime plays, this mostly affects the Recruits if they are returned to your hand.)
  • Atrocitus: 1/8 (was a 1/7)
  • Miss Martian: 6/6 (was a 5/6)
  • Booster Gold: 4/6 (was a 4/5)
  • The Cheetah: 6/4 (was a 5/4)
  • Chaselon: 2/3 (was a 2/2)
  • Solstice: 5/4 (was a 4/3)
  • Pedro Peña: 1/4 (was a 1/3)
  • Freddy Freeman: 5/5 (was a 4/4)
  • Kong Kenan: “If you have a character with SHIELD, Kong Kenan gets SHIELD.” (Was previously, “If you have a Recruit with Shield, Kong Kenan gets SHIELD.”)
  • Various Sea Creatures have been changed:
  • Storm, the Seahorse: 0/3 and “Your Aquaman Leader has +2 Power and has INVINCIBLE on your turn.” (Was previously 0/4 and “Your Aquaman Leader has +3 Power and INVINCIBLE.)
  • Humpback Whale: 1/7 (was a 2/7)
  • Great White Shark: 4/3 (was a 4/4)
  • Squid: 4/1 (was a 4/2)
  • We gave them some tranquillizers.


  • Adjusted Leader Pack Drop Rates back to intended levels
  • Various Sound Effect adjustments and balances
  • Added new Sound Effects to Ocean Master
  • Fixed some texture issues on card backs
  • Fixed some store item names
  • Added the Batman and Robin card back
  • Fixed various client crashes
  • Corrected the Alias and First Appearance for Huntress
  • Main Menu banners now correctly take you to the corresponding item or area of the game
  • Various tutorial bug fixes
  • Ultimate rarity cards no longer incorrectly display two pips in the deckbuilder
  • Fixed a visual issue with mono-faction decks that displayed card counts incorrectly
  • Sound effects have returned to the amazing CCG Lab intro video!
  • Fixed some visual issues with emotes
  • Fixed an issue where some users could have looping attack animations
  • Improved handling for placeholder image loading
  • The Deluxe icon has an updated color in the drop rate UI
  • Profile Images can no longer cause issues in certain circumstances


  • Players may need to relog if they don’t immediately get their purchased item
  • Reconnect is currently disabled. If you disconnect, just start a new game
  • Players are unable to login on the first attempt after resetting to a new password
  • Attempting to challenge another player, in some edge circumstances, will not bring you to the challenge tab
  • Using the Main Menu button from Options during the Tutorial can sometimes require you to restart to continue the game
  • Some Friends list changes will not visually update until the player relogs
  • Some items in the store are missing their names
  • Rapid changes to a deck can sometimes not save those changes
  • There are rare circumstances where large card images can get stuck on the game board
  • Opposing Leaders occasionally have VFX timing issues
  • Rewards for Justice League: Origins – Part 1 do not show up until you relog
  • Viewing related cards for Leaders require clicking and dragging or using the mouse wheel to show the navigation arrows
  • Using the ESC menu to exit to the Main Menu while creating a deck can block the player from creating another deck until relog
  • Queuing too many moves against an AI opponent can sometimes prevent your match from completing
  • Pack count totals can sometimes not update properly when loading into the Pack Opening Screen. Exiting out and reloading the screen will restore your pack count
  • The Brave and the Bold starter deck does not appear until after relog
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