DC Dual Force Wishlist Rewards

DC Dual Force Steam and Epic Games Store Wishlist Rewards

The community can obtain extra cards and cosmetics if the number of wishlists are met on Steam and Epic Games Store.

With the Open Beta starting yesterday, we’re already getting set for the next step of our game launch: DC Dual Force being downloadable from Steam and the Epic Game Store! While the game isn't available on those platforms just yet, you can wishlist DC Dual Force on them.

Go wishlist today by visiting our Steam page, and our Epic Game Store page!

To encourage you to do so, we thought it’d be fun to run a community promotion, inspiring wishlisting on those two platforms -- where everyone playing DC Dual Force before a certain date could win a little Power (and Lex Luthor, too).

So, if the community achieves the following wishlisting targets across Steam and the Epic Game Store combined by August 1, all players participating in the game before midnight Pacific (US), July 31 get these rewards:

At 3,000 wishlisters: Power Girl's Recruit Card.

Power Girl_300.jpg

At 6,000 wishlisters: Lex Luthor’s Super Rare Recruit card.

Lex Luthor_Recruit_300.jpg

At 9,000 wishlisters: A unique Lex Luthor card back and profile image!


At 12,000 wishlisters: A special alt-art version of Lex Luthor’s Leader card!

Lex Luthor AA_Leader_300.jpg

At 15,000 wishlisters: A penta-benefit of card backs! One for each Faction icon: Anarchy, Energy, Might, Tactics, and Tyranny!


Of course, all of these prizes stack, so the more the community achieves, the more players in the game before August get!

We'll update progress towards achieving these benefits periodically on social media, leading up to the promotion's end.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you soon in DC Dual Force!

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