DC Dual Force – Comic Battle #1 – Decks to Support Your Side

DC Dual Force just announced their first Comic Battle alongside an exclusive comic strip debuted at San Diego Comic Con. This comic ends with a cliffhanger that will be decided by the player base. Small Spoiler, two duos come to a head at the end of the comic. Who will win? Wonder Woman and The Flash or Batman and Cyborg?

All you have to do to show your support is play a deck with the two leaders you want to win, and the duo with the highest number of matches at the end of the event will be revealed as the winner at the end of the comic. So what decks can we try to use to show our support?

Batman and Cyborg

For Batman and Cyborg, we have this Mono Tactic Control style deck. We aim to use the good value Bronze Recruits to get ahead early. Most our Silver resources are then focused on either swinging back or helping charge up our combo finishers, the Batmobile and Cyborg Ability. We continue to draw and play gadgets until we can swing to finish one of the Leaders with these pieces, then continue to build pressure on the second Leader from there.

With this in mind, mulligan heavily for Bronze resources but try to keep one strong Silver card and remember:

  • Lucious Fox always stays in the mulligan
  • Commissioner Gordon going Second or against Might / Energy

The key skill to practice here is identifying when you need to do anything possible to clear. You want to be using your Batman ability to trade valuable targets off and sometimes this means taking a lot of hits on Batman himself. As long as your alive your goal is to get to a situation where your opponent has one or two cards in hand and their options become limited. One card worth nothing as high value here is Mr. Miracle. This card is not only high health but always requires 2 cards to be cleared. This effectively is trading one card for at least two and putting a clock onto the board for your opponent.

Wonder Woman and The Flash

This deck is pure aggression and if your missing pieces here you can adjust the deck easily. The goal is simple, play lots of Bronze cards quickly then buff then with Wonder Woman and the Might buff cards and hit your opponents Leaders fast. Cards like Krypto can also help protect key cards like Iris West and make them more difficult to clear. We want to get ahead and stay ahead from turn 1 so their are limited comeback cards in this deck, so you have to be comfortable with accepting defeat if things swing against you.

Cards like The Wizard Shazam may look out of place, but they allow you to potentially ensure draw for more damage. All the cards above Bronze in this deck aim to either do damage or benefit from the wide board except Superman and Shazam! These two cards are very strong alone and if your lucky enough to own them they should be included.

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So what Duo are you backing, let us know in the comment below and I will see you in the pages of DC Dual Force.

Good Luck, Have Fun and Stay Safe.

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