Beta Status Update – August 4, 2023

DC Dual Force is undergoing weekly updates during its Open Beta phase as it looks to revitalize its experience after feedback from players. Check out the full details below, as well as the patch notes for the week and our summary and reaction!

Thank you for your patience as we worked through some operational adjustments over the past couple of weeks, staging ourselves to deliver a series of regular patches designed to improve and complete the game experience. Starting next Tuesday, August 8, we will be delivering weekly patches delivering a mix of new content, bug fixes, user-experience adjustments, card balance improvements, and new features.

New Playable Comic - Coming August 8!


The new content we’ll be delivering on August 8 is the Justice League: Origins 2 playable comic, featuring new prizes you can add to your collection upon completion, including the Tyranny Action card, Bursting Boom Tube, a special Darkseid Card Back, and 1,000 DualCoins.

Bursting Boom Tube_200W.png

In the meantime, however, we are deploying an emergency patch today to fix some significant server issues taking place. As we deliver this emergency patch, we decided to include the bug and balance fixes we had completed already for the next patch. For example, the tile destroyed by Darkseid’s ability no longer prevents players from attacking characters behind that space, as if it were protected; and cards with SPEED and FLURRY should work properly when their ability is triggered, like Cheetah. We’re also doing some smaller balance adjustments, such as Steve Trevor becoming a 2/2 (rather than a 2/3), and buffing Savage Vines a bit to be 3/3 (rather than 3/2). A lot more is going into this patch than just these examples, so please read Patch Notes - August 4, 2023 for more information on what’s changing with today’s emergency patch.

We know many of you are interested in rebalancing Wonder Woman and Batman. As we take a holistic approach to delivering that balance – looking at the cards they interact with most in addition to their abilities – we’ll let you know soon how we’ll take action.

Thanks again for your patience, and joining us on our journey to deliver this game we all love.

See you soon in the game! Sincerely, Tobin Lent CCG Lab Inc. Chief Operating Officer

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