DC Dual Force Patch Notes - Open Beta - July 14, 2023

DC Dual Force Patch Notes – Open Beta – August 4, 2023

Check out the DC Dual Force Open Beta patch notes for August 4, 2023! The game will be undergoing weekly updates as per the announcement, which you can read here:

Also be sure to check out our summary and reaction for all the changes!


  • Fixed an issue where Crystal Ball would make other cards flicker
  • Added fixes for when a Deploy ability had no available targets or when cards like Giganta were played with no cards in hand
  • Fixed an error when pressing end turn before Detective Chimp reveals the cards
  • Unexpected Help can no longer sometimes create an invisible leader
  • Metallo’s ability no longer works when a card has been KO’d before it has been created
  • Metallo’s ability now works correctly on cards that were buffed above 5[ATK]
  • Cards with SPEED and FLURRY should work properly when their ability is triggered, like with Cheetah
  • The tile destroyed by Darkseid’s ability no longer prevents players from attacking characters behind that space as if it was being protected
  • Mulligan now happens simultaneously
  • Fixed various instances where a character’s stats could appear to be incorrect
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes make Batcycle’s target reticle appears wrong on a valid target
  • Utility Belt no longer incorrectly adds to Cyborg’s Leader power
  • Fixed an issue where Steel Repeating Arrow could not be used successively unless you use another card or wait until the next turn
  • Parasite’s DEPLOY ability now will correctly trigger if there is only 1 enemy recruit
  • Lead from the Front can now be played when you have a Leader
  • Detective Chimp now only delivers one card from an opponent's deck and two cards not in that deck to choose from
  • Poison Kiss and Candle of Neron's granted START abilities now work each turn

Balance Changes

  • Steve Trevor: Is now a 2/2 (was a 2/3)
  • Wild Cat: Is now a 3/2 (was a 3/3)
  • Talia Al-Ghul: Is now a 5/4 (was a 4/4)
  • The Culling: KO ALL Recruits with 4[ATK] or less (was 3[ATK] or less)
  • Energy Blast: Now says “Deal 4 damage to an enemy.” (was 3 damage)
  • Savage Vines: Is now a 3/3 (was a 3/2)
  • Hellblaze: Now says “Deal 4 damage to each enemy.” (was 3 damage)
  • Chaselon: Now says “When you play another Green Lantern, generate [BRONZE].” (was the first time each turn)


  • Improved client error messaging
  • Improved usability of the Card Back selection quick changer
  • Fixed animation for when the opponent plays a Grapnel Gun
  • Fix for game log not being able to be scrolled until you zoomed on an item in the game log first
  • Improved card highlighting
  • Various text fixes
  • Highlight fixes for the tutorial
  • Added more fixes to make sure the game mode selection UI defaults to your last played mode
  • Server stability improvements
  • Fix for Ultimate cards to make sure they display 1 pip in the collection
  • The Starter Bundle now correctly tells you it contains a random Ultimate card
  • Account data is no longer being shared between accounts on the same computer
  • The “tab” key now properly lets you navigate to the next field during account creation
  • Fixed some login flow issues
  • Fixed some issues with Leader VFX and their timing
  • Using the ESC Menu to exit the collection while creating a deck no longer can prevent the user from creating another deck
  • Fixed the arrows that allow players to browse a Leader’s related cards in the collection
  • Removed the rarity gem that was displaying on Alternate Art Leader cards
  • Fixed the art for Nekron’s Deluxe version when zoomed
  • You can no longer get into a situation where you can play with an invalid deck
  • Removed the placeholder cards in the game log during the Justice League: Origins comic
  • Visual fixes for the rewards given during the Justice League: Origins comic
  • Fix for Justice League: Origins comic where the game would sometimes skip a player’s turn
  • Tutorial missions can no longer be completed out of order
  • Fixed an error where the client and server could get out of sync on the End Turn button
  • Fixed an issue where pressing the End Turn button after playing Wildcat on an empty board could disable the end turn button
  • Lighting improvements to the game board
  • Changing resolution during a match will no longer prevent that match from continuing
  • Ending a match will no longer continue to show ability prompts
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to log in on the first attempt after resetting their password
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes displayed two “phantom” packs in your collection
  • Fixed various issues with challenging another player
  • Friend’s online status now updates in real time
  • Fixed some issues for ultra-wide monitors. This is a work in progress

Known Issues

  • Reconnect is now in the build, but it is still a work in progress. Users may experience reconnection issues in some edge cases.
  • There are rare circumstances where large card images can get stuck on the game board
  • The Brave and The Bold starter deck does not appear until after relog
  • Profile images in messages currently have some graphical issues
  • Newly created accounts won’t see pending friend requests on first login
  • Lex Luthor is currently requiring you to press the Rewards button twice, just like a Super-Villain
  • Send in the Clowns does not currently work if the opponent has 3 enemy recruits
  • When a card gains INVINCIBLE, the tooltip will be empty on zoom
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