Bursting Boom Tube and August 8, 2023 Patch Breakdown

During the surprise patch last week, the DC Dual Force team also advised the release date of the first new comic into the game Justice League: Origins 2 which you can now complete and receive the Tyranny Action card, bursting-boom-tube , a special Darkseid Card Back, and 1,000 DualCoins.

The full Beta update you can find here, detailing what to expect next week with the first new comic release and the release of our first new card Bursting Boom Tube:

We also got confirmation that the intention from here on with the Beta is weekly patches providing new content, balance changes and bug fixes! We may provide further content in future around specifics of the comic battles but at this time focusing on the new card and what you can do with it.

For more information on the bug fixes that came along with the patch the official post is here:

New Card: Bursting Boom Tube

bursting-boom-tube is a Silver resource Tyranny action card that fills your remaining board spaces with parademon-created . These created recruits are all Free Resource, are one energy and one power and have the text Parting Shot: Give your other Parademons +1 Attack. The card appears at first to be a flood card but its potentially more flexible than that and could find it's way into many decks which need mid game threats or ways to provide a speed bump to opponents.


  • Efficient placement of recruits
  • Creates blockers in front of both Leaders for one resource
  • Power scales on the Parademon's as you trade with your opponents board.
  • Synergises with cards and abilities which can sacrifice cards activating the Parting Shot.
  • Synergy with cards like anton-arcane which can benefit numbers of destroyed recruits, or number of recruits on board.


  • Weak to AOE effects
  • Will only fill empty spots so loses value if your playing other recruits the same turn or already have a developed board.
  • Trades usually initially controlled by your opponent as they will get to respond to your turn.

Deck to Try

This week, the deck focuses on a few aspects of bursting-boom-tube . First DC Dual Force is a grid based game, so filling the board effectively puts a blocker in every spot on the board. This along with the fact these scale attack as they die creates a problem for aggressive opponents. If they don't clear efficiently you can be left with recruits which can trade off the remains of their board the following turn. We can also use lex-luthor-leader effect to trigger the first one and draw a card, making the remaining Parademon's on board threats if left alive. We can also run ritual-sacrifice to sacrifice one of the Parademon's as a potential way to stabilise and develop 2 attack recruits. Pairing this with Cyborg as a way to access the good delay tools in the Tactics faction and use cyborg-leader leader ability as our eventual finisher. Another good Leader choice for this direction may be poison-ivy-leader but went with Lex Luthor as a way to clear big recruits on demand.

Bug Fixes

Along with the comic and new card we got several bug fixes, some of these are worth noting as they may change your experience in game. Below are the highlights from today.

Lobo’s mark will appear on his target

Huge but may also just demonstrate the main weakness of the card is how little control you have on the effect. Not only can it hit Leaders, your opponent now knows what card to ensure you cannot trade with [cardtooltop]Lobo[/cardtooltip]. The effect triggered is very strong so these weaknesses are required and Lobo can still play a part in decks, even with this change however not expecting him to become a major player in the current metagame.

Fixed an issue where Naomi gained +1 / +1 when a created Recruit was summoned via another Leader’s ability

Small change to naomi as most decks playing this card focused on playing cards from hand but worth noting if your expecting the buff to come from Leader ability cards being played, it no longer works.

Mulligan now redraws the user’s selected cards when the timer runs out

Very welcome change as this has been a source of frustration for many as you had to confirm the changes or the redraw would not occur. Much more intuitive and would expect less errors during mulligans.

Mercy Graves’ ability no longer stacks

mercy-graves works as it reads and is an important change. The card remains a solid mid game inclusion for Tyranny decks looking to slow down the game. However, playing two copies no longer results in a turn lock out for the opponent. Being hit with this from an opponent was strong as both Mercy Graves also have Guard. Timed correctly you locked an opponent out, got an extra attack and have set up a wall.

Last Page

What are your thoughts on the changes? Let us know in the comments below.

Good Luck, Have Fun and Stay Safe!

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