DC Dual Force Patch Notes - Open Beta - July 14, 2023

DC Dual Force Patch Notes – Open Beta – August 15, 2023

Check out the DC Dual Force Open Beta patch notes for August 15, 2023! For more information about the patch, check out the strategy article below:

Hey friends,

Ben Stoll here, just wanted to give a brief summary of our reasoning behind the latest patch notes.

As you all know, Might and Tactics ended up a bit overshot in power level, both due to having a very high density of powerful early and mid-game cards, as well as some problems with Wonder Woman and Batman Leaders. In the latter case, we've elected to take a more indirect approach to a nerf (taking cards like Batwing or Alfred down a peg or three).

The other factions have also received some buffs (Tyranny getting a bit more help on the recruit-removal vector, for example). The most noteworthy of these efforts may be the several buffs to Green Lanterns, which have not quite been doing for the metagame what we hoped they would.

In some ways Might and Tactics are intended to be the most "well-rounded" of the factions perhaps, but we ended up in a world where they were too good at everything (hence also the nerf to Truth and Justice, the prior version of which was allowing this "well-rounded" deck to also have access to an absolutely crushing late game play, both in terms of immediate impact AND control-style inevitability, through Leader attacks, which barely require set-up or context).

Thank you for all the play and feedback you’ve given so far! All of the data has been immensely helpful in looking at how the game performs in a live environment, and getting it to a more balanced place.

See you all in game!


  • Wonder Woman (Leader): Now says “[2]: Wonder Woman gets +3[POWER] this turn. Give the friendly Recruit in Wonder Woman’s lane +1/+1.”
  • Batman (Leader): Now has 18 Health (had 19 Health)
  • The Flash (Leader): Now has 19 Health (had 17 Health)
  • Lex Luthor (Leader): Now says “[4]: KO a Recruit. If they were friendly, sacrifice them to draw two cards and charge Lex Luthor three times.”
  • Truth and Justice: Now says “Give your Recruits +2/+2 and SHIELD.”
  • Superman Robot: Is now a 2/1 (was a 2/2)
  • Amazonian Bracers: Now says “Give a friendly Recruit +3[HEALTH] and AURA.”
  • Upgraded Bandages: Now says “Heal 3 damage from a friendly character and give them +1[HEALTH].”
  • Alfred Pennyworth: Now says “DEPLOY: If you have Batman Leader, draw a card. START: Create a Bandage in your hand.” and is now a 2/2 (was a 1/1)
  • Commissioner Gordon: Is now a 2/1 (was a 3/3)
  • Batman, Caped Crusader: Is now a 4/4 (was a 6/6)
  • Batwing: Is now a 3/3 (was a 3/4)
  • Devil’s Night: Now says “Give your Recruits +2[POWER].”
  • Man-Bat: Is now a 4/1 (was a 3/2)
  • Parasite: Now says “DEPLOY: Deal 2 damage to two random enemy Recruits. Parasite gets +1/+1 for each damage dealt.” and is now a 1/1 (was a 2/2)
  • Whack-A-Man: Now says “Deal 5 damage to a random enemy Recruit.”
  • Lightning Arc: Now says “Deal 5 damage to an enemy and 1 to each adjacent enemy.”
  • Ch’p: Now says “DEPLOY: You may pay [BRONZE] to give Ch'p and a random Green Lantern in your hand +2/+1 and AURA.”, is now a FREE cost (was BRONZE), and is now a 1/1 (was a 2/2)
  • Simon Baz: Now says “DEPLOY: You may pay [BRONZE] to give Simon Baz and a random Green Lantern in your hand +4[HEALTH].” and is now a 4/1 (was a 3/2)
  • Jessica Cruz: Now says “DEPLOY: You may pay [BRONZE] to give Jessica Cruz and a random Green Lantern in your hand +4[POWER].” and is now a 1/4 (was a 2/3)
  • Solstice: Is now a 5/5 (was a 5/4)
  • John Stewart: Is now a 5/4 (was a 3/5)
  • Supersonic Sucker Punch: Now says “Give a friendly Recuit +4[POWER] and INVINCIBLE this turn. Draw a card.”
  • Lasso of Truth: Now has a FREE cost (was BRONZE)
  • Metron: Is now a 4/10 (was a 2/10)
  • Deimos: Is now a 2/3 (was a 2/2)
  • Shadow’s Blade: Now says “Give a friendly Recruit AMBUSH and LETHAL this turn.”
  • Indoctrinate: Now says “Put a non-[GOLD] enemy Recruit into your deck.”


  • Fix for targeting arrow sometimes goes missing for Leaders after activating their ability.
  • Fixes for the Mulligan timing out
  • Players should no longer have their turn skip or end early in some circumstances
  • Solomon Grundy can now correctly be targeted after using his PARTING SHOT


  • Fix for Pressing Esc on loading into the game causing players to not be able to log in
  • Resolved issues with Dupe Protection when it comes to Deluxe Cards
  • Fix (again) for the issue with ghost packs being in your pack opening screen
  • Faction Card Backs now have their appropriate faction icon
  • Fix for VFX during Mission 1 choices in Justice League: Origins - Part 1
  • UI improved to better display items you receive in a bundle from the store
  • Justice League: Origins - Part 2 no longer appears to give out the wrong Card Back


  • Reconnect is now in the build, but it is still a work in progress. Users may experience reconnection issues in some edge cases.
  • The Brave and The Bold starter deck does not appear until after relog
  • Profile images in messages currently have some graphical issues
  • Newly created accounts won’t see pending friend requests on first login
  • Lex Luthor is currently requiring you to press the Rewards button twice, just like a Super-Villain
  • When a card gains INVINCIBLE, the tooltip will be empty on zoom
  • Preset decks will duplicate once after the user relogs
  • Selecting multiple cards to mulligan will cause the red "X" to fade and reappear
  • The Faction counter highlight is misaligned and overlaps with the other Factions in the Collection
  • Attacks against an enemy leader will not update in the Game Log immediately
  • In some cases, lag can cause a unit to temporarily display incorrect health values before updating
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