Green Lantern Twitch Drop

Green Lanterns Unite! Twitch Drops

Ladies and gentlemen, Super Heroes and Super-Villains of Gotham and beyond, the moment is upon us!

This month, we are releasing not one but TWO Twitch Drops around the theme Green Lanterns Unite! How does it work? It’s pretty simple: creators will be able to unlock 2 different sets of Twitch Drops rewards for you, their viewers. The first one is available for every creator from the 20th of October. Registration will be done via the Creator Discord. On October 30th, those registered creators who have achieved the rank of Platinum or above on the Ranked Ladder will automatically be eligible for a second Twitch Drop to the delight of their viewers!

To see who's broadcasting live where you can earn, click here!


All creators registered in the program (see below) will be granted access to this Drop for their viewers:

1 hour of total watch time: Common Omni Card + 250 Atoms + Deluxe Simon Baz

2 hours: Deluxe The Ring Chooses + Deluxe Kilowog

3 hours: Super Rare Omnicard + 1200 Atoms

4 hours: Alternate Art Leader: Hal Jordan

Hal Jordan AA.png

All registered creators who make it to the Platinum rank by October 30 at 10:00AM PST will unlock a new Twitch Drop for their viewers:

1 hour of total watch time: Deluxe Energy Blast + Rare Omnicard + 600 Atoms

2 hours: Deluxe Chaselon + Lanterns United profile picture

3 hours: Deluxe John Stewart

4 hours: The Dawnbreaker card back



Registration for the event are happening via our Creator Discord. If you are not a part of it yet, are interested in the event and want to join the server, please DM “Matt aka Toramedes” from the Official DC Dual Force Discord with your Twitch channel link for review and access.

Access to the first drop for all registered creators will start on Friday, October 20.

We will be updating who has access to the Platinum Drops on October 30th at around 10-11AM PST, ONCE. That means you must be Platinum by that date in order to avail of the Platinum-tier Drops. Once you are registered as a creator, there is no need for you to do anything except to check your available Twitch Drops on that date/time in the Twitch Creator Dashboard.

See you in game!

  • The DC Dual Force team