DC Dual Force

Patch Notes – October 17, 2023


  • Green Lantern: Twilight of the Guardians Comic - Part 2 is live!
  • Regions are now live! Players can now connect to servers closer to their location


  • If ‘Polymorph’ is used on a Recruit with Lethal, the Lethal icon will not carry over to the new Recruit
  • If you have two ‘Morgaine Le Fey’s' on the game board, the second spell’s ability animation will not be cut short
  • ‘La Dama’ no longer takes away Aura on the opponent’s Recruits even if the ability conditions have not been met
  • Players can now cancel their placement of 'Mordru'
  • ‘Doomsday’ Recruit’s parting shot ability now activates when KO’d
  • Arkham Inmates now gain +2/+2 if ‘Mad Hatter’s’ deploy ability draws the Recruit
  • Chaotic Recruits are now unable to attack ‘Gentleman Ghost’
  • ‘Astral Empowerment’ will no longer affect the opponent’s Leaders
  • ‘Cupid’s' deploy ability now works if the user has no cards in their hand


  • Improved messaging to players throughout the client
  • Scrolling has been improved in certain areas of the client
  • Prevented Reward pop-ups from presenting twice in certain areas of the client
  • Fixed issues with Green Arrow’s abilities causing unintended behavior in-game
  • The Death Metal Wonder Woman Card Back is now displaying the correct art during a match
  • Players can now import more than 1 deck per gaming session
  • ‘La Dama’s' animation will no longer trigger if the conditions are not met
  • ‘Krolotean Engineer’s' no longer causes visual bugs to appear when Leader ability is activated
  • When 'The Riddler' is played by an AI opponent, the player's Recruit will no longer display a visual issue
  • Triggering ‘John Constantine’s' effect while having multiple of him in play will no longer cause animation issues
  • Superman’s cape sound effect no longer persists through extra panels in the first cutscene of Green Lantern Corps: Twilight of the Guardians Part 1
  • Purchasing Bundles, Mini Set packs, or Card Backs now correctly flags them as “Purchased”
  • ‘Green Arrow’s' Repeating Arrows ability will no longer appear invisible when being given the free version of the card
  • ‘Hugo Strange’ will now display visual effects on his target
  • ‘Mr. Mxyzptlk’s Mischief' no longer causes a visual issue to appear every time a player plays a card
  • Fixed Nekron Deluxe Card missing animations
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